9 Reasons Why You Should Re-Lamp with Metropolitan's SUPERIOR LED Lights

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Dedicated to lowering your building operational costs with greenenergy-efficient technology


If just 25% of fluorescent lighting fixtures in the United States were converted to Metropolitan's superior LED lights, we could:

• Prevent the release of green house gases equal to 10 million cars

• Save $15 billion in electricity costs annually

• Decommission 133 coal burning power plants

• Reduce carbon emissions by 158 metric tons and avoid releasing 5,700 lbs. of airborne mercury.

By converting to LEDs, Americans could save $280 billion in energy costs over the next 20 years.


Switching to MPL's superior LED tubes yields an average Return on Investment of 50% - 80% and an average breakeven period of less than 3 years. We'll help you qualify for Energy Savings Rebates and Federal Tax Reductions, which may pay for most of the capitalization required for the light conversion. MPL's newest LED tube has such a high lumen output, we can de-lamp a 4 tube fixture with only 2 of our LED tubes while maintaining the same amount of light in the workspace.


Our superior LEDs are easily installed into existing fixtures or sockets. To save on expensive disposal costs, the existing ballasts in our fluorescent fixtures do not need to be removed. A small external power supply driver is attached to the fixture with a peel-and-stick adhesive. The single driver with cables, which are included, powers Superior LED diodes within the fixture.


Our superior patented design generates the longest lamp-life on the market today. Our high-quality components are so energy efficient they have earned the EPA Energy Star Rating and are UL approved. Since our tubes operate at an ambient temperature of 78°F, they do not contribute to the building's summer cooling load.


MPL's superior LED lights will provide Maintenance-Free Service for 100,000 hours. That's a 1,000% improvement over conventional fluorescent lights and a tremendous savings over the lifetime of the lamp. Our LEDs are installed into existing fluorescent lamp sockets and do not require an expensive ballast. Conventional exterior parking lot and street lights require renting expensive boom trucks or scissor lifts to replace lights every 3 – 4 months; our LEDs are not only guaranteed for 7 years, but labs indicate that they'll last 18 years if left on 12 hours a day.

Metropolitan Pure Lighting DESIGNED & MADE IN AMERICA

MPL's LED tubes meet the manufacturing requirements prerequisite to earn extra LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) points as well as U.S. government and military requirements that over 75% of the product components are made in America. Certain lamps are made and assembled entirely in the United States.


MPL's superior LED lights are 100% recyclable. Not only is converting to the most energy-efficient lighting source available good for public relations, our LEDs use 85% less energy, last at least 10 times longer, and cost less to use over their lifetime than incandescent bulbs. LEDs use less energy than halogen, metal halide and high-pressure sodium commercial bulbs and uses approximately 50% less energy while lasting five times longer than compact fluorescent lights. The proposed replacement project will qualify for special deferred payments and large LEED credits.


100% of LED light is directed downward, allowing for superior directional lighting wherever it is aimed. Our LED lights come in a full range of light colors to produce the quality of light desired. MPL's LEDs are guaranteed to not flicker and are dimmable. With energy-efficient replacements for almost every type of existing interior/exterior lamps, we offer the largest selection of LEDs in the world. If you have a special need, MPL will design a customized bulb or fixture for your use.


Unlike fluorescent, pressure sodium, metal halide and incandescent bulbs, our superior LEDs do not contain any toxic mercury or lead AND they emit no radiation or damaging ultra violet rays. Our LED lights are protected by an extremely durable, non-yellowing polycarbonate shield, which will not shatter or explode if dropped.


Lab tests show MPL's superior T-8 LED tubes will operate for up to 100,000 hours, i.e. 11 years of 24 hours service, and are guaranteed for 7 years. Our drivers are also guaranteed for 70,000 hours and lab tests indicate they will last 14 years if left on 12 hours a day.

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